Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nicholas Dison

Artist: Nicholas Dison

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Ceramics

Instagram: dison_ceramics

Nicholas Dison is in his final year at California State University Long Beach. During his time here Mr. Dison pursued a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics. When caught my eye when I first saw Mr.Dison’s art work was the fine details he put into his art pieces. He thought of the way people see old objects and finds no use in them, but with his art he gave it a purpose.

When one first sees Mr. Dison’s art pieces, a certain question comes to mind; how did he do it? Not only did he make ceramic sculptures, but he also makes ceramic on canvas and each piece is identical to the other. Every single one of his pieces is fine tuned and the glaze he puts over his vases is just perfect. Each piece’s glaze is layered perfectly so as to not leave any untouched spots. He put a lot of care into making these.

As I mentioned before, the inspiration behind Mr. Dison’s art work is that he believes nothing is useless. What people see as trash, he uses as his treasure. He breathes new life into old unwanted products and thats where his inspiration comes from.

When I first saw Mr. Dison’s art work, I thought to myself how exquisite and intricate each piece was. The ceramic on canvas was what really caught my eye. Each piece was identical to the other and I just had to ask him how he did it. Apparently it was just casted from a mold of some things he found at garage sales. I think its amazing how Mr. Dison reuses old objects and breaths new life into them.


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