Wk 14 – classmate conversation 

Erika Perez is just a little ball of sunshine and I’m happy to have become friends with her in my final weeks at CSULB. Seeing her as a Sophomore I look back on my days at school and just wonder where it all went? Speaking of school Erika also believes school will become either cheaper or more expensive, but she can’t decide which one it’ll be. She also thinks that because of all the people that will be in the world the demand for college would be too great and the competition to get in will be even greater. 

Erika is a film major who wants to focus more on the business side of film. I’ve actually never heard of her major and just thought it would fall into the business category, but I guess just like CEM (civil engineering management) majors they exist. It’s really interesting how she wants to pursue a career in film, but also doesn’t want to leave it to chance and god forbid without a steady income. I believe she made a safe choice yet it might hold her back. I wish her only the best and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. 


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