Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Ceramic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Instagram: N/A

Sage Garver is in her final year at California State University Long Beach, pursuing a degree in the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a focus in sculpting. It took about a month to build her gallery, and decided to build it to represent her constant illnesses that she experienced throughout her life. She was really frustrated with her weak immune system and decided to make her art piece represent biological things, like the skin and a nucleus.

From my observations, her art pieces were of a seashell shape and attached directly to the wall. They blended in perfectly to the wall, making them look like blemishes more than art pieces. There was also a giant chandelier in the middle of the exhibit which lit up the whole room.

From Miss. Garver’s explanation I finally understood why she made her gallery the way she did. Since she was young, she suffered many illnesses that actually kept her away from living a normal childhood. She took a lot of medication for her illnesses which inspired this gallery. The seashells represented biological life, but also bumps on a smooth surface just like acne or any kind of skin disease that would cause bumps. The metal chandelier represented the nucleus of a cell.

In my opinion I thought Miss. Garver was trying to show me a life she never had. The sea represents adventure and new beginnings which is represented by the seashells. She never got to experience a life where she could be a kid and walk around discovering new things. I also got my idea from the chandelier which represented to me as a classical party she might not have attended due to her weak immune system and being bed ridden. Overall I believe Miss. Garver is an amazing woman who has turned her pain into a work of art and cannot wait to see more.


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