Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Caryn Aasness

Artisit: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Fabric

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino-Gallery

Instagram: Levelyellowproblemchild

Caryn Aasness  is in her 4th year at California State University Long Beach pursuing a degree in Fiber Arts. Her art is all about her fabric. There was a lot of thought and patience put into each of her work due to the amount of time it takes to make just one of her art pieces. Her art helps her focus on other thoughts which probably explains how she is able to put code into her art.

Each piece is a colorful piece of fabric, each hand made. The color patterns are all 1 inch by 1 inch and each one represents a letter in the alphabet. There is a different color for each letter too. If one looks closely one will notice the rough patterns in the smooth pieces. Each rough pattern correlates to a word that is written on the piece of paper next to it.

To Miss. Aasness, her art represents what a lot of other artist’s art represents for them. A form of freedom where it isn’t bound by the typical social norms. Where up can be down and right is left. Miss. Aasness redefines the social norm in her work and is basically trying to achieve social anarchy.

To me Miss. Aasness’ work didn’t really mean much to me. When I saw her work, I just thought to myself “Oh a quilt exhibit?”, but as I started to look closer into her work I noticed there were coded messages to them. It took a few minutes to figure out that I had to read the code from top to bottom instead of left to right like a normal message. Miss. Aasness is a true artist, expressing her views through her art.


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