Wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Network

Hey guys so this weeks art post is pretty interesting. It asked me to define what social network means to me and what I came up with is that a social network is a network of friends online. I wouldn’t really refer to my physical friends as part of my social network. The amount of people I know does seem to correlate to dunbars number because I tend to lose touch with many people these days, but according to my Facebook I know over 900+ people. What these friends mean to me is actually my life’s history. Those I’ve met, those I’ve cried with, etc. basically these people are what defines who I am. Although I don’t talk to them as much anymore and I make new friends to replace the old, my characteristics, my life story wouldn’t be complete without them. It is enough for me to have just 10 close friends because I honestly wouldn’t be able to memorize each and everyone’s life problems if I had more. 


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