Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Scavenger Hunt

Media: Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: eltigresite.wordpress.com

Instagram: elll_tigre

Tony Nguyen has been in school for five and a half years. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in metal. Why he chose metals was because he was originally an illustration major, and his professors scared him with the amount of work and time one must put into his work to make it look amazing, so he decided to change his focus and metals was what interested him the most. He also told me that it took him two and a half years to make his art gallery which contained fifteen pieces in total.

Mr. Nguyen’s art pieces were all made of metal or there was a piece of metal incorporated into his work. The amount of details he puts into his work is amazing. The samurai armors that were in his exhibit would have tricked me into believing they were real if it wasn’t for the fact that it was the size of my thumb.

To Mr. Nguyen, his art pieces represent a sort of juvenile belief. What this means is that although we are adults viewing his gallery, it makes us reminisce about our childhood. For example the gumball machine at the front entrance of his gallery, or the little samurai armors that one could play around with. Mr. Nguyen’s art pieces are a blast from the past which reminds us about our roots, and brings a smile to our faces.

To me, Mr. Nguyen’s art pieces didn’t really strike a meaning into me. I just thought to myself how cool each piece was, and how I would have loved to play with them if I was a kid. Once I read the artist’s statement I realized why I felt the way I did. I didn’t even realize it, but I totally agree with Mr. Nguyen’s belief that his work was meant to make people reminisce about their childhood.


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