Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Artist: Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Sculpture, String

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: dbvqp

Unfortunately I was not able to speak with the original artist, but I was able to speak with the co-artist of the gallery, Daniel Bonilla-Vera. Daniel is an undergraduate at California State University. He wants to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art, but unfortunately was not accepted into the major. He was furious and upset when he found out he didn’t get in especially because he is in his senior year at CSULB.

Mr. Bonilla-Vera’s art gallery depicts a very chaotic scenario. Everything is a mess and there are strings going from every corner of the wall. At one point it seemed like black lasers that you had to cross straight from a spy movie. There were two figures in the room, but those were actually sculptures with clothes on. One word that would describe the whole gallery would be broken, probably because of the them of the gallery.

This whole gallery was Mr. Bonilla-Vera’s way of rebelling against the art program for rejecting him. He rejected their rules on galleries and instead of making everything neat and organized, he decided to make it chaotic. He explained to me how he felt when he didn’t get accepted to the program, all he felt was rage and disappointment. This gallery was actually devised by Dalia Banuelos, who was also rejected from the art program and went around campus looking for others who were in the same boat. It was a very well thought out rebellion because even the art pieces in the gallery were of rejected work.

In my opinion, what I felt from Mr. Bonilla-Vera’s works wasn’t a sense of rebellion, but a sense that he was heartbroken. It looked like a teenager had just gotten rejected by his first crush and thought his world was coming to an end, so he destroyed his room and everything was a mess. It wasn’t until I read the artist’s statement that what I was feeling was their feelings. They truly portrayed their inner thoughts into this piece in a way that anyone could understand just by looking into the room. I hope these two will get accepted into the Bachelors of Fine Arts program because they both can connect to the public on a deeper level.


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