Wk 9 – Artist Care Package

Okay so my care package isn’t really an “artist’s” care package, but it contains art in it! The recipient is my girlfriend in San Jose. This care package has something important to me (a photo of me and my girlfriend), the new iPhone 7 (because I had to send it to my girlfriend anyways), and money. So the photograph is important to me because it holds a very dear memory of my girlfriend and I traveling over to Vietnam together; to me this photo captures all the fun an excitement of Vietnam. The phone is important to her because girls for some reason are attached to their phone that it becomes a second limb to them. They use it to connect with the world and post duck face selfies! The $20 bill is my form of a cultural moment because it seems now that these days politicians are so corrupt they’d do anything for money and re-election such as the recent veto of President Obama that was overturned by congress in an overwhelming number, and the thing was that Congress knew about all the consequences of overturning Obama’s veto and pushing their bill to allow families of victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia’s government. The only reason they wanted to push this bill was for re-election. It really is a shame that the people running our government are just corrupt fools. 


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