Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Mark Nguyen

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did my last classmate conversation, so I’m a little rusty. This week I met a really cool dude named Mark Nguyen. He is in his second year of college pursuing a major in nursing. We all know how tough that can be so I give kudos to him. I wish him luck on his future scholastic career, and with that we move onto the question of the week!

So Mark answered his question of “What is a piece of art?” as a piece of paper. He decided paper because it is so versatile and so many artists use it to make drawings, paintings, origami, sculptures, etc. The second question which I disagreed on, but his view of children pursuing a career in art was pretty liberal. He said it was their lives, so they should do what they want. Alright final question, Mark and I showed each other our phones and found out that most of are apps were the same. The usual social media apps and also PokemonGo. I also found out Mark has a picture of his girlfriend on his phone, so sorry ladies he’s taken.

P.S this is his website for you curious people out there https://marknguyen3.wordpress.com/


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