Wk 8 – Art Activity – Don’t Laugh at Me… pls

Alright, so for this weeks art activity we needed to go to the Japanese Garden at school and sketch the scenery as best we could. I emphasize as best we could because I struggle with drawing real life objects. It’s always tough for me because I always want to get that 3D shape to pop out of a 2D art form. Instead of drawing the whole scenery, I decided to focus my drawings onto an object in the garden because it would have taken me a very long time if I drew anything else. Being at the Japanese Garden was a real treat because it got me nice and relaxed before drawing. It really stresses me out when I have so little time to do a sketch, especially because I got to the garden at 2:30 and it closes at 3:30. Anyways I hope you all enjoy my drawings because they were a little rushed.


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