Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Factory, Up Down

Media: Paper

Gallery: Merlino

Website: N/A

Instagram: tiffuts

Blaine Scot Prow is in his senior year working towards an undergraduate degree in the studio arts department. He wants to have a focus in graphic arts and hopefull one day work in a car company to design cars. He thinks math is really cool and puts a lot of math into his art works, which have a very geometric shape to them. Mr. Prow use to be in the mechanical engineering major, but decided his true calling was in designing cars, not making them.

Mr. Prow’s canvas is the most basic of art canvas’s, paper. He brings it to life by making cut outs in the paper and transforming them into beautiful and mesmerizing 3D shapes. When one looks at Mr. Prow’s works, one can only imagine the thought process and the amount of planning it took to bring his ideas to life. He not only makes simple cubes, but also triangular prisms that twist and turn.

Mr. Prow’s art works have one thing in common; they’re all attached to the canvas. What this means is that once he designs a shape, he cuts it out, but leaves one side still attached to the paper. What he wants to show is the process of how his art was made and he also wants to symbolize that everything is still connected to one another. Mr. Prow’s art work truly does have a mapped out plan feeling to it. Everything is so precise and nothing is on accident.

What I got out of Mr. Prows art pieces was a similar feeling to when I draw out plans, being an engineer myself. I walked into Mr. Prows art gallery and felt a sort of connection, and I thought to myself that the artist must have been some kind of engineer when I saw Factory. It made me imagine how it was built, and once I started speaking to Mr. Prow I understood why I felt a connection to his art pieces. Mr. Prow not only connects the geometric shapes to the paper, but he also connects people of similar background to his artwork as well.


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