Wk 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Art

Hey guys, so this week my ART – 110 class decided to do something I’ve thought of, but only as a joke. My room mate and I got together and decided to do this automatic art drawing together. We joked about how by the end of it it would be my masterpiece, and I could sell it to someone for millions of dollars even though we spent so little time on it. I decided to use all three colors at once because I thought that would make it look cool, and surprisingly it did look pretty nice. I thought about how I could add something using the lines I created. For example if I saw something that would resemble a tree in my automatic art I would draw that out, but I really couldn’t find anything that resembled actual things. Although I like it just the way it turned out and that is enough for me. It reminds me of this one art piece I saw in a television show, so unfortunately I don’t have an image of it, sorry guys!


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