Wk 3 – Classmate conversation – Jamie Van 

Hey guys, so each week we have a classmate conversation with new people in my art 110 class and it’s really been going well. I became friends with a really awesome girl named Jamie Van. She’s a second year biology major, but isn’t sure if she wants to change her major to sociology. Honestly I don’t know how to give her advice on it besides the fact that you have to go with whatever interests you the most. We had quite a nice conversation about the art exhibits the other day and also exchanged snapchat information to send each other goofy pictures. 

For the question of the week, which was “what kind of art influences you the most”, she answered oil paintings influenced her the most. The way she sees it, she feels the intensity and the emotions portrayed in the paintings. She loves how there’s so many different ways to paint with oil and she also draws on her free time, but lately she hasn’t been able to do so. We also discussed about cartoons and animes, and how it needs to be drawn well to keep us interested in the show. We agreed on many things that day, and I think we can both agree that that was the start of a beautiful friendship. Thanks for tuning in again and I hope you visit Jamie’s website too! https://jamievan.wordpress.com


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