Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation- Giancarlo Vento

Hey guys so this week for my ART- 110 class I met someone really cool. His name is Giancarlo, but he goes by Gian for short. He’s a finance major at CSULB, that parts obvious, but he is also a professional real estate agent and gave me one of his business cards. He dreams of moving to Florida just because he wants a change of pace. I doubt he’ll have trouble moving because of all his connections. He currently works at a real estate agency called Keller Williams. I’ll certainly take up one of his offers on being my real estate agent. 

Gian had an interesting view on this weeks question of the week. He said art certainly does have a purpose in this day and age. He expressed that art actually sets the mood of a house that he’s showing, or the architecture of a building can be a form of art. I actually agree on the architecture being art because it is basically one of the basic forms of art. Drawing! Anyways it was really interesting talking with Gian and I hope you visit his website too once he makes it cuz he was sick last week. 


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